Some of our personal hats.

Liner with artwork by William Matthews.

Starting the blocking process.

Crown Irons.

Doran spring loaded Crown Iron.

Our home made Crown Iron.

Late model Doran Crown Iron

Heated flange bags for pressing brims

Back Shop

Hats ready for blocking

Our collection of 19th century conformateurs

Formillions used in conjunction with the conformateurs

Hat Blocks

Panama hat blocks

Panama optimo blocks

Head forms

Sweatband imprinting machine

Sweatband reeding machine

Brim binding machine

Brim binding machine

Sweatband joining and tacking bows

Singer machine for sewing the sweatband into the hat

2" wide roan sweatbands

Hat spinner for drying hats after cleaning

Panama hat jack

Assorted grosgrain ribbons

Grosgrain ribbons

Hat stretchers and sizers

Brim pencil curlers and trimmers

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